The Pilgrimage Community is available to join you in prayer at your request. Your requests will be distributed to the MPP Fourth Day Community -

Before submitting prayer requests, please stop and take a moment to review our guidelines. They are short and simple, but they are an important part of ensuring that our mission of prayer fulfills its intended purposes.

Prayer Submission Guidelines


  • Provide as much information as practical
  • Send follow up status reports
  • Send praises as well as prayer requests
  • Provide mailing address and/or email address if you would like letters or cards to be sent

Please do not:

  • Provide information that you think the individual would object to
  • Use as an information channel or newsletter
  • Use to request financial aid
  • Use to solicit email addresses
  • Use to debate or address political or controversial issues within or outside the church

Please forward all prayer requests to: Mary Sensabaugh, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.