An Encounter With Christ

Are you seeking an opportunity to get away, ponder your life of faith, and to reconnect or renew your relationship with God? How about a chance to experience an abundance of God's grace and love while enjoying a beautiful Michigan setting? If any of these ideas resonate with you, please read on.
A Pilgrimage weekend provides a three day opportunity to study Christian living. The weekend is centered on short talks given by lay-people and pastors. Small groups are formed for discussion. Worship, singing, fellowship, and good food are all part of the three days.

The format of the Cursillo weekends was started by the Catholic community in the 1950's. Other denominations have adopted Cursillo format - perhaps you have heard of Walk to Emmaus, Tres Dias, DeColores, or The Great Banquet. Pilgrimage is an ecumenical experience; guests of the first seven Michigan Presbyterian Pilgrimage weekends have come from 33 western Michigan churches of eight different denominations other than Presbyterian. Pilgrimage is co-ed, so couples often attend together and find it to be a strengthening experience for their relationships.

Presbyterian Pilgrimage Is Here

What Is A Pilgrimage Weekend?

Why Go On A Pilgrimage Weekend?

Pilgrimage is designed to be a renewal. The least that can happen is that a guest will get away from their routine for a few days - in a wonderful lakeside setting, meet great people, and relax and refresh. The most that can happen is that your Christian faith will be renewed and strengthened for the journey and challenges of life. It could be that these three days will come at exactly the right time for you.

We hope you will contact us and join us for a weekend.

Follow the link below for more information on the pilgrimage location of your choice.
"For where two or more are gathered in my name, I am there among them"
(MT 18:20)

God will be present

Michigan Presbyterian Pilgrimage

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