Pilgrimage can be a journey – not just a three-day experience.

"The three-day Pilgrimage experience has impacted my walk with Christ and affirmed my sense of ecumenism. I have attended many different Christian churches in my lifetime, Pilgrimage has brought the best of all of them together – it is a model of attitude for what I see as ' one body in Christ.' The brothers and sisters in Christ that I have acquired through Pilgrimage are very special to me - many became friends only because our paths crossed on a MPP weekend. These friends represent more than 75 different churches, some in Michigan, some many states away. Together we continue to explore our commonalities being our love for the Lord and sharing that love with each other."

Pilgrimage can be a journey – not just a three-day experience.
Sue Ann Clark
MPP #1

A profound time...

A profound time of spiritual growth and fellowship

I don't want the feeling to end

"We were told during our weekend to remember that upon reentering our normal lives the world hadn't changed but we had.  Oh, how true!  Monday morning I woke up and the sky looked bluer, the grass greener, and the trees in fuller bloom.  I was so aware of how awesome God's creation is.

Renewal is a good word to try to describe the weekend for me.  I just didn't realize how empty my glass had become and, after having time to reflect, I felt like I am full again.  I would love for everyone to experience a Pilgrimage and be able to come back feeling the way I felt.  I don't want the feeling to end.  I know I am a better wife, mother, friend, etc. because of my Pilgrimage weekend.   It is so amazing to be immersed in God's presence for those 72 hours and to look around and see His love and understanding in others.
Thank you to all of those who served this weekend.  What a gift you shared with me and one that I can't wait to share with others."

God loves you and so do I,
Paige Kelly
MPP #13

There is now more expectancy...

It is a time to let the Scriptures take you in unexpected ways.  There is now more expectancy in my Christian life.

a time of reflection and renewal

"Pilgrimage  weekend was a time for reflection and renewal of my spiritual life.  It was a time to focus in my life and see how God has been by my side through the years.  His love and grace were so evident."

Julie Trasky
MPP #1

I didn't realize I was part of God's plan

"I have been a Christian since I was eleven. But until I attended a Pilgrimage weekend, I didn't realize I was part of God's plan - me personally."

Gayle Davidson, NCPP #34

I stopped...

I stopped being a Sunday only Christian.

A new family...

It gave me many new brothers and sisters in Christ.

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