My experiences at MPP will stay with me the rest of my life

My experiences at MPP will stay with me the rest of my life. The Holy Spirit soared through my body and heart to make me His servant here on earth before I go home to be with Him in heaven. From the moment I arrived until I left, I was treated with love and an understanding that is indescribable. I would encourage everyone to attend an MMP to grow in your faith and to know that you are special in God's eyes. God is good!

Jan Davies
MPP #18

It prepared me for a rougher road...

It prepared me for a rougher road ahead and taught me to give some of my load to God and others who I can trust.

a time of reflection and renewal

"Pilgrimage  weekend was a time for reflection and renewal of my spiritual life.  It was a time to focus in my life and see how God has been by my side through the years.  His love and grace were so evident."

Julie Trasky
MPP #1

A tangible sense of community, of belonging

"One life-changing thing I brought home from my Pilgrimage was a tangible sense of community, of belonging. For just as I love because God first loved me, and forgive because He has forgiven me – 'community' was given to me and now I have experienced what that means, I am able to extend it to others."

Julie Wenzel Crane
MPP #5

A sense of belonging...

It gave me a sense of belonging to the Lord and to His family.

It started me...

It started me keeping a "gratitude journal" so that I am focused on all God's blessings in my life---rather than on problems.

Pilgrimage can be a journey – not just a three-day experience.

"The three-day Pilgrimage experience has impacted my walk with Christ and affirmed my sense of ecumenism. I have attended many different Christian churches in my lifetime, Pilgrimage has brought the best of all of them together – it is a model of attitude for what I see as ' one body in Christ.' The brothers and sisters in Christ that I have acquired through Pilgrimage are very special to me - many became friends only because our paths crossed on a MPP weekend. These friends represent more than 75 different churches, some in Michigan, some many states away. Together we continue to explore our commonalities being our love for the Lord and sharing that love with each other."

Pilgrimage can be a journey – not just a three-day experience.
Sue Ann Clark
MPP #1

A new family...

It gave me many new brothers and sisters in Christ.

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