a time of reflection and renewal

"Pilgrimage  weekend was a time for reflection and renewal of my spiritual life.  It was a time to focus in my life and see how God has been by my side through the years.  His love and grace were so evident."

Julie Trasky
MPP #1

Renewed my desire....

It renewed my desire to do Christian service.

A sense of belonging...

It gave me a sense of belonging to the Lord and to His family.

Increased my faith

It was a three day experience with Jesus Christ that increased my faith in Christ and fellow Christians.

A sacred moment where you meet God

"There are sacred moments in our lives when we meet God at the mountain top.  Pilgrimage is one such moment, and it prepares us for our work in the valley below."

Patricia Ramsden
(MPP having been a guest on a Walk to Emmaus Weekend)

The most significant worship experience of our lives

"My wife, Carolyn, and I attended the first Michigan Pilgrimage. It was, without question, the most significant worship experience of our lives. It reminded us of, and reinforced, our faith in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior in a very meaningful manner."

Ed Dee
MPP #1

My experiences at MPP will stay with me the rest of my life

My experiences at MPP will stay with me the rest of my life. The Holy Spirit soared through my body and heart to make me His servant here on earth before I go home to be with Him in heaven. From the moment I arrived until I left, I was treated with love and an understanding that is indescribable. I would encourage everyone to attend an MMP to grow in your faith and to know that you are special in God's eyes. God is good!

Jan Davies
MPP #18

There is now more expectancy...

It is a time to let the Scriptures take you in unexpected ways.  There is now more expectancy in my Christian life.

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