Gave me an opportunity to listen to God

"Attending a Pilgrimage weekend gave me an opportunity to listen to God;  an opportunity to have an open heart and mind. It was inspiring to have God reveal to me where He had been guiding me and where He planned for us (He and I) to go in the future.  If you are going to live a purpose driven life, you better know what the purpose is."

Dave Andrus
(MPP having been a guest at North Carolina Pilgrimage #56)

A sacred moment where you meet God

"There are sacred moments in our lives when we meet God at the mountain top.  Pilgrimage is one such moment, and it prepares us for our work in the valley below."

Patricia Ramsden
(MPP having been a guest on a Walk to Emmaus Weekend)

I needed...

"I needed to be completely emptied to get filled up again."

Viola Carpenter-Oaks  

MPP #23

A tangible sense of community, of belonging

"One life-changing thing I brought home from my Pilgrimage was a tangible sense of community, of belonging. For just as I love because God first loved me, and forgive because He has forgiven me – 'community' was given to me and now I have experienced what that means, I am able to extend it to others."

Julie Wenzel Crane
MPP #5

You will experience God's love for you, personally

God's love is poured out in so many ways all throughout the weekend. You will experience God's love for you, personally, and learn how you fit in to God's larger purposes and plan as well as how you can participate in God's mission here on earth.

Ann Conklin
MPP #13

And we had fun...

It's like a retreat, but it is not a retreat.  It was a short course in Chrisitanity.  And we had fun!

A life changing experience

MPP is a life changing experience...through the power of God the MPP team lead me back to the hand of Jesus Christ who walks with me daily and guides my path.

Douglas Flanagan
MPP #15

It's a powerful time because God always shows up

Being part of team on a pilgrimage is like being part of a huge family where we get together twice a year to serve Jesus together. The family keeps growing and I am blessed by the new lives that I have the privilege of interacting with at the beautiful setting of Camp Henry. It's a powerful time because God always shows up. His Spirit is felt by me as I serve my fellow team members and pilgrims. When I miss a pilgrimage, it almost feels like I missed a family reunion.

Kathy Bruins
MPP #4

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