Pilgrimage can be a journey – not just a three-day experience.

"The three-day Pilgrimage experience has impacted my walk with Christ and affirmed my sense of ecumenism. I have attended many different Christian churches in my lifetime, Pilgrimage has brought the best of all of them together – it is a model of attitude for what I see as ' one body in Christ.' The brothers and sisters in Christ that I have acquired through Pilgrimage are very special to me - many became friends only because our paths crossed on a MPP weekend. These friends represent more than 75 different churches, some in Michigan, some many states away. Together we continue to explore our commonalities being our love for the Lord and sharing that love with each other."

Pilgrimage can be a journey – not just a three-day experience.
Sue Ann Clark
MPP #1

I could focus on a deeper relationship....

Because I was able to leave my daily life with all its stresses, I could focus on a deeper relationship with Jesus through the loving embrace of a community of believers.

And we had fun...

It's like a retreat, but it is not a retreat.  It was a short course in Chrisitanity.  And we had fun!

I needed...

"I needed to be completely emptied to get filled up again."

Viola Carpenter-Oaks  

MPP #23

A sacred moment where you meet God

"There are sacred moments in our lives when we meet God at the mountain top.  Pilgrimage is one such moment, and it prepares us for our work in the valley below."

Patricia Ramsden
(MPP having been a guest on a Walk to Emmaus Weekend)

A tangible sense of community, of belonging

"One life-changing thing I brought home from my Pilgrimage was a tangible sense of community, of belonging. For just as I love because God first loved me, and forgive because He has forgiven me – 'community' was given to me and now I have experienced what that means, I am able to extend it to others."

Julie Wenzel Crane
MPP #5

The Pilgrimage experience continues to resonate in my life

"The care provided by the team was a deeply touching demonstration of how Grace flows into our lives. I also experienced how prayer can be answered in unexpected ways at unexpected times and in unexpected places. The Pilgrimage experience continues to resonate in my life."

Barry Gulliver
MPP #5

Pilgrimage strengthened me and deepened my faith

"I was invited to Pilgrimage several times, but always had an excuse not to go---too inconvenient, had to take time off of work, find someone to watch my son, and several other reasons. I had an overwhelming urge that this was the one I needed to go to. The "urge'" kept getting stronger so I put all my excuses aside and went in April 2011. Pilgrimage is led by lay people and a few pastors. This is what makes pilgrimage powerful. Ordinary Christians, from numerous churches, work hard together to bring three extraordinary days to others, explaining their faith and demonstrating Christ's impact in their lives. Guests set aside the earthly world for 72 hours and can focus on their spiritual lives totally surrounded by a Christian community. Christians are required to be out in the world, but occasionally need to renew and recharge themselves. Pilgrimage strengthened me and deepened my faith. It was among the three most important days in my Christian walk. Since I have made my weekend I have served on team and now on the Leadership Council."

In Christ Name,
Cyndi Geis-LaFata
MPP #16

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