It started me...

It started me keeping a "gratitude journal" so that I am focused on all God's blessings in my life---rather than on problems.

Gave me an opportunity to listen to God

"Attending a Pilgrimage weekend gave me an opportunity to listen to God;  an opportunity to have an open heart and mind. It was inspiring to have God reveal to me where He had been guiding me and where He planned for us (He and I) to go in the future.  If you are going to live a purpose driven life, you better know what the purpose is."

Dave Andrus
(MPP having been a guest at North Carolina Pilgrimage #56)

And we had fun...

It's like a retreat, but it is not a retreat.  It was a short course in Chrisitanity.  And we had fun!

To me about the weekend was about community...

To me about the weekend was about community.  I worked and met some incredible people with incredible stories of God's grace and love.

Laurie Mueller
MPP Servant 
(Tres Dias #31 weekend)

Receiving a Gift That I Could Not Keep to Myself

In February of 2005, I was given the incredible gift of being able to attend Pilgrimage in North Carolina:  NCPP #62. ...  Whenever we have been given such a gift, we cannot but want others to experience Pilgrimage.  To do so has involved...

Pastor Roger Grandia
NCPP #62

Awesome stuff!

"How do we summarize our weekend experience? WOW! I loved being immersed in an environment that loved me in spite of myself.  I was able to step out of my way, see me as others see me – more importantly, as JESUS sees me – and extend some forgiveness and healing to myself thru the love of Christ. Awesome stuff! "

Angie DeMeester
MPP #6

I stopped...

I stopped being a Sunday only Christian.

The Pilgrimage experience continues to resonate in my life

"The care provided by the team was a deeply touching demonstration of how Grace flows into our lives. I also experienced how prayer can be answered in unexpected ways at unexpected times and in unexpected places. The Pilgrimage experience continues to resonate in my life."

Barry Gulliver
MPP #5

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