There is now more expectancy...

It is a time to let the Scriptures take you in unexpected ways.  There is now more expectancy in my Christian life.

I left renewed....

Pilgrimge rescued me from a spiral of depression brought on by my personal problems; I left renewed with the conviction that God still has great plans for me.

Like an immunization for my spirit, helping to protect me ...

For me the pilgrimage was like a shot in the arm.  Like an immunization for my spirit, helping to protect me from the forces of evil all around me.

Sharon Groeneveld
MPP #37 became something that I'd known in my head, to knowing that it was now in my heart!

"Thankfulness always comes to me first. I am thankful for those of you who prayed for me, who wrote encouraging words and to God for the blessed opportunity to get to experience the Pilgramage.

For me, it was a profound realization that most of all of my life I have learned and have come to know God. Going through this experience it became something that I'd known in my head, to knowing that it was now in my heart!

The new friends and "old" friends both guests and team members along with people I don't even know-what a fellowship in the MPP! What a wonderful feeling!

I highly recommend that you go! Maybe the fall won't work for you but definitely the spring...just do it for you! Do it for God! I will pray to our God that He will open your heart to this beautiful opportunity!

Kim Yarger
MPP #37

Pilgrimage strengthened me and deepened my faith

"I was invited to Pilgrimage several times, but always had an excuse not to go---too inconvenient, had to take time off of work, find someone to watch my son, and several other reasons. I had an overwhelming urge that this was the one I needed to go to. The "urge'" kept getting stronger so I put all my excuses aside and went in April 2011. Pilgrimage is led by lay people and a few pastors. This is what makes pilgrimage powerful. Ordinary Christians, from numerous churches, work hard together to bring three extraordinary days to others, explaining their faith and demonstrating Christ's impact in their lives. Guests set aside the earthly world for 72 hours and can focus on their spiritual lives totally surrounded by a Christian community. Christians are required to be out in the world, but occasionally need to renew and recharge themselves. Pilgrimage strengthened me and deepened my faith. It was among the three most important days in my Christian walk. Since I have made my weekend I have served on team and now on the Leadership Council."

In Christ Name,
Cyndi Geis-LaFata
MPP #16

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